Confession: I have acrophobia.

Don’t worry….it’s not some deathly, incurable disease. It’s an extreme fear of heights.

I also have aviophobia (you’re probably thinking, “dang…how many issues can one girl have?”). 

Aviophobia is a fear of flying (more specifically, in an airplane. I honestly don’t like takeoffs, and I shouldn’t have watched Final Destination!).

Why am I telling you these things? Simply to say that fear doesn’t have to hold you back. All of us have fears, some of them more deeply rooted than others.

However, despite my fear of heights and flying, a few weeks ago I flew through a lightning storm (terrifying actually, since it felt like a roller coaster and I don’t like those either! Lol), and on my visit to Chicago, I stepped completely out on the Skydeck!! The Skydeck is one of Chicago’s main tourist attractions, with several fully encased glass “boxes” extending out over the side of the 108 story, 1,450 ft skyscraper.

It was terrifying….but so fulfilling at the same time! The best part about it was looking down and not feeling like I was going to die. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I’m glad to say I did.

Moral of the story? Don’t let your fears hold you back. It’s ok to be afraid, but it’s what you do with that fear that determines your life’s trajectory. Use your fear to fuel your passion for exploration, innovation, or reaching new heights regarding your personal goals.

Next accomplishment? Who knows! But don’t let fear keep you from following your dreams.

Happy Thursday!


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