Wedding planning is stressful! Regardless of when, where, and how you do it, there is guaranteed to be at least one thing that will want to make you pull your hair out. But that wouldn’t be healthy, and would make for some awful wedding photos. 

Want to avoid the stress? Here’s five ways I’ve utilized to minimize the wedding planning jitters:

1. Focus on the marriage, NOT the wedding.

As women, we tend to become engulfed in the details of wedding planning, wanting everything to be perfect. However, life very seldom allows perfection. A few weeks ago, while conversations with my fiancé, I became quite stressed that we hadn’t solidified a cake baker. While this was a travesty through my wedding planning eyes, he calmed me and softly replied that he would marry me even in a shoebox, without the cake, or any fixings. It’s important to remember that despite the fact that many of us want a perfect wedding, it is only a fingertip 24-hour period of the life we want to enjoy with our spouse–inevitably which is most important.
2. Start Early.

The earlier you solidify the larger items, the  less your potential to be stressed closer to the wedding date. Don’t procrastinate!! This is one area of life where staying on top of things is imperative to avoid last minute breakdowns.

3. Stay Organized.

MAJOR KEY!! I really just want to give a LARGE shout out to The Knot!! They have been a life saver in terms of helping me keep all things wedding organized and accounted for. If you haven’t set up your to-do checklist with them yet, it’s well worth doing!

4. Plan Ahead.

Prepare for disasters. Thinking things through Ahead of time with a possible plan B in mind will help prevent small mishaps from turning into world-wide wedding disasters. Cake never arrives? Look up a nearby second-choice baker who might deliver goodies on the spot, or check out your local Costco or grocery in case all else fails. Keep all of your back-ups in an organized list for your wedding planner on the day of.

5. Celebrate Small Accomplishments.

Pulling together the best party of your life is an awesome accomplishment. Celebrate booking your venue, or picking up your wedding dress. These methodologies help infuse fun with the work, while creating great memories!

Ladies and gents, spouses to be, I hope this has been helpful for you! Enjoy the process! And have a lovely evening.


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