ALANAYA SO CHIC: on birthdays, adulting, and the #AlanayaAllWhite Collection

Today marks another year of life for me, and the 3-year birthday of my business, ALANAYA BROWN! This year has been filled with many highs and lows, with the majority being highs! Since August 21st of last year, I’ve gotten engaged, re-vamped my blog, sustained a whole apartment, and traveled to 5 different states! 

I’ve learned so much about life, being honest about what you need and want, and sticking to your guns no matter what. 

This year’s revelation? Adulting is hard.

I remember when I was in high school, counting down the days when I could do everything for myself, all by myself. Now, while I’m still ok with the independence that allows, I really wish I could be a kid again sometimes, just for a day!

With advances in my career and business, I’ve also realized that being an adult is not just about having money to do whatever you want. It can be one of the perks, if you’ve been blessed financially, but being an adult is about taking responsibility for your own actions, and making daily decisions that will determine the trajectory of your life and the lives of your children–if you wish to have them.

One of the biggest decisions I’ve made this last year is to be a wife! At first glance, getting married really seems very simple: you find a guy, buy a dress, invite some friends, and say I do at an altar. But the past 9 months has taught me it’s so much more than that. This past week, I started the marriage license process, and it really sunk in that I was giving up my last name.

As an incredibly independent person, this was a very different experience. Did it change the way I felt? No. Nevertheless, it was a real life actualization that I’m making the choice to permanently align my life with my fiance’s.

Additionally, in light of my upcoming nuptials, I have created an Alanaya All White Collection!  This collection features all-white pieces designed and created by none other than yours truly. Showcasing some of my favorite styles, it embodies the ALANAYA mantra of “cute, comfortable and classy.” The first look debuted at my bridal shower, #HighTeaWithMrsRich (stay tuned for that blogpost 😉); this look is a mixture of my signature pants in white silk, with a relaxed top created with David Tutera embroideried fabric. Paired with blush chunky-heeled pumps, it is definitely one of the coolest, yet comfortable outfits in my wardrobe!

Each weekend, I will introduce a new outfit of the collection, up until the wedding on September 24th, 2017. I hope you enjoy it! Follow @urbahnbeauty and @alanayabrown on Instagram to see even more! 

And, because it’s my birthday, feel free to treat yourself to something special today. The spa, ice cream, your favorite tv show…you name it. 😆

Have a wonderful week!


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