The Richardsons Take Europe: Galeries Lafayette

The last time I blogged with you all, I was a single woman.

Not anymore!! 😁😁😁

Last week I married the love of my life, David, and we have since taken off on an international honeymoon voyage to Europe! Although we landed directly in London, the majority of our honeymoon we’re currently spending in Paris. If you’ve been following my Instastories (which you should! πŸ˜‰), you saw that we spent our first active, post-jet lag day in Paris at Galeries Lafayette, a FANTASTIC architecturally-pleasing department store.

If you are a fashion enthusiast by any means, this store is for you. From Chanel to MIU MIU, there are plenty of eye-catching shops to peruse.

Most known for its fabulous location, frequent fashion shows and ornate ceiling, this store boasts five expansive floors, including men, women and children’s clothing. The price points are those that you would expect for your favorite high-end brands, but even if you didn’t come prepared to shop, it is still a must-have experience.

One of the unique attributes of this department store (besides the beautiful ceiling) is that every Friday at 3, they host a fashion exposition of some kind, and it being that it is Paris Fashion Week, last week was none other than Dior!

Featuring the “I Feel Blue” collection, the exposition offered a look at some of the most iconic looks, and vintage wear. The whole room was enveloped in a deep navy blue, with low lighting to keep with the theme.

Two large sketches, representing women in fashion covered the adjoining walls, making great backdrops for pictures!

I loved it!!

After stopping/shopping every floor, don’t forget to go all the way up the escalators to the top….here you’ll find some breathtaking views of the city as well as the Eiffel Tower!

Last but absolutely not least, hungry? No need to leave the building. One floor down, there is a reasonably priced cafe with plenty of delicious (and healthy if you so choose) options for your meal. I recommend the salad bar, and their couscous…it was delightful.

On your way back down, notice there are mirrors everywhere…my dream and my hubby’s worst nightmare. As a photo-collector/fashionista, one must not pass up so many opportunities for fabulous photos. So of course, I did not. 😁😁

With a little more shopping in the surrounding areas (including H&M–which was incredible btw), that concluded our first day in Paris!

What’s your favorite part about Galeries Lafayette? Let me know!

Stay tuned for our visit to the Louvre and much more!