The Richardsons Take Europe: The Louvre Museum!

My husband and I (that still sounds weird! 😁) love museums. We try to make it a point to visit them often. The insight to the past, present and future they offer we find not only educational, but entertaining! The Louvre in France was absolutely no exception. However, because it is the world’s largest museum, attempting to see everything was overwhelming. But we definitely did try! Here are some of our favorites and highlights from our trip!

Gazing at the winged lions in the Ancient Near East Exhibits.

They were huge!

’immortalite” by Jean Pierre Cortot. It looks a lot like the Statue of Liberty, right?

man architecture in the middle courtyard.

This courtyard was a sight for sore museum eyes! It’s a lot larger than it looks, and a great place to relax between wings, and take pictures.

The larger than life sculptures in the Richelieu wing.

Most of the sculptures in this glass-roofed courtyard known as Cour Marly come from King Louis XIV’s Chateau de Marly west of Paris.

Ornate ceilings to die for!

The Illustrious entrance into the Galerie d’Appollon.

Don’t forget to look up when visiting any museum in Paris.  There will most likely be some type of detailed ceiling painting or architecture, to your delight!

The Crown Jewels at the end of the hall in Galerie d’Appollon.

After leaving the Galerie, and visiting other wings, we finally found the Mona Lisa!  Get your cameras ready, and practice your “pardon,” as this exhibit was crowded!

The famous Venus de Milo.

Roman Architecture, found in the Sully Wing, one of my favorites.

Roman architectural engravings.

…And much, much more!  Regardless of where you travel in Europe, and what type of art you like, the Louvre is a definite must see if you’re ever in Paris.  Stay tuned for deets on our other travels, and my details on how to get the most out of your sightseeing while in France.

Happy Tuesday!