Fashion, especially clothing, gives us the opportunity to communicate without words. Our physical representation of how we’re thinking or feeling, our personal style is a glimpse into our world–the things we enjoy, what we value, and what we want the world to know.

In November of last year, I got engaged. 😊 Between Pinterest, mood boards and childhood dreams, I surfed the internet and storefronts, looking for the dress. I knew I wanted two, one for the ceremony and one for the reception, and I wanted the styles to be different; however, after trying on several dresses, I realized that as a designer and seamstress, the only way to get exactly what I wanted (and at a reasonable price), was to make it.

And so the journey began.

Over time, I experimented with many styles…ballgown, intricate lace patterns, structured fit and flares….none of which I eventually loved.

I knew that regardless of what I created, I wanted the basics to be something organic…something natural….something free. I wanted a whimsical, ethereal feel–a queen without all of the fluffy fixings.

I began by simply creating a simple, muslin fitted dress. I decided I wanted a train; however, not so long that it wasn’t manageable, nor so heavy that I couldn’t move.

I also wanted the garment to tie in with our chosen wedding venue, which embodied an upscale rustic/industrial feel (read more about that here!).

I love gardening, nature, and all things natural. I wanted both my hair and garment to reflect this love, and not be so elaborate that I couldn’t be found outdoors in it.

This proved beneficial when I found myself climbing in the trees during the shoot for these fantastic photos! 😉

I also love community. One of my goals as a designer is to create clothing that is what I like to call “Conversation Pieces.” There are some garments that you might notice on the street, and say to yourself, oh, that’s cute. But a real conversation starter will have me stopping you and asking you where you bought it, and how can I get it! This wedding gown was no exception!

Following many slightly stressful days planning and sketching and fitting, I was able to create a special garment that I loved; an all-white silk cape dress with silver neckline and low-back rose-gold jeweled detailing to match the rose gold jewels on my wedding ceremony shoes (stay tuned for my shoe DIY!).

Sporting an approximately 8-foot train, it was created for movement!

One of the things I have learned to enjoy throughout this journey is the beauty in being able to imagine what you want to see in a garment, and to actually be able to bring that garment to life.

I thoroughly enjoyed the wedding planning process (minus the last minute stresses of my do-it-all spirit 🤣), and am so happy that I had the opportunity to create this physical representation of me.

I hope you enjoyed this closer look at the story behind the ALANAYA gown.

And welcome to ALANAYA Bridal. Stay tuned for more to come!


All photos by Anastasya Photography.

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