ASC WEDDINGS: My Wedding Shoes DIY in Ten Easy Steps

One of the most important accessories for your special day will be your shoes. Whether sparkly stilettos, chunky heels, or flats, they are an asset to your ensemble that can add a unique touch.

For my day-of shoes, I wanted a chunky-heeled shoe, mostly because I am a comfort-over-everything type fashion girl, and also because my wedding took place on the grass.

However, most of the chunky heels I saw were either not wedding appropriate, or were out of the allotted price range I set for myself.

So instead of spending the extra money on the far too expensive shoes, I chose to DIY my own! In the end, I loved them more than anything I saw, especially because they were created just for me.

Want to make something similar? This post is all about how you can! Follow the steps below to achieve a similar look!

1. PURCHASE SHOES: I started by purchasing some white, comfortable chunky heels from Amazon. Amazon is GREAT for shoe DIY by the way, if you’re looking for inexpensive shoes to spice up and unique-ify (yes, I created a new word).

2. PURCHASE ACCESSORIES: I already had about a yard of rose gold and silver jewelry pieces remaining from my the ALANAYA reception gown I created (featured in another blogpost), so I used those remaining pieces to tie in the first and second looks. The rose gold also relates to the color of my engagement ring and wedding band. Did I mention I love rose gold? 😊

3. ASSEMBLING ACCESSORIES: I started the assembly by lining the front strap with some shiny, silver ribbon. This served as a contrasting background for the jewels placed on top (see pictures below). The ribbon was cut to the length of the strap and glued on with the super glue (remember to work near an open window for ventilation when using this glue!).

4. After placing the ribbon and allowing it to dry, I cut the rose gold jewel to size and carefully glued it as well, nudging it into place to ensure a straight line.

5. After the glue has properly dried (wait at least a few hours to ensure best results), gather your silver jewelry pieces and measure them to fit the edges of your front toe strap.

Note that one piece will be longer than the other. Cut carefully!

6. Line the sides of the strap with the glue, as shown.

7. Place the strips of silver jewels along the sides of the strap in a straight line, adjusting them as necessary. Allow to set for at least 30 minutes before continuing.

8. Last but not least, cut the appropriate length of feathers, trim or whatever wow factor accessory you would like for the ankle strap. Be careful to cut the length so that it is not so long that it will cover the strap holes or latch.

9. Carefully apply a line of the glue to the ankle strap, stopping where the trim will end. You don’t want your ankle strap accidentally glued in place!

10. Meticulously place the trim along the ankle strap, using clothes pins or binder clips to hold it firmly in place. Make sure the fabric is flush with the strap, because you don’t want any gaping holes between the strap and your trim.

Allow the whole shoe to dry for at least 24 hours before wearing, and wallah!! You’ve got yourselves a beautiful wedding shoe! Unique to you, and something you won’t find anywhere else.

Loved this DIY? Stay tuned for my other wedding diys, or read more about the big event here!

Happy Tuesday!

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