Traveling in Style: PFW OOTD 4

It’s Wednesday and we’re halfway through the week! For me, it’s been a long one already, with deadlines and obligations left and right. One of the things I’m working on this year, is taking a little time every day to find time for me…my happy place.

And what better time to talk about happiness, than in this blogpost where I walked the grounds of one of my most favorite places in France, in my favorite pants?!

Many times I (or we) might look to external sources to make us happy. But happiness is an inside job. It’s not something you can manufacture based on the actions of others or your surroundings; others can help facilitate it, but it is a decision to be joyful regardless of circumstance.I’m learning that being happy is an active decision to start the day with a joyful spirit. And that joy for me comes from God. If what you feel comes from within, nothing outside can take it away. I don’t often play with patterns on patterns, but on this semi-warm day in France, I wanted to mix things up! On our visit to the Palace in Versailles, we walked a lot, so comfortable clothing was imminent! Unfortunately, these shoes did not stand the test of time, but you couldn’t have wiped this smile off of my face with a million bucks! My favorite item? My billowy, super comfy ALANAYA wide-legged pants. I like them so much you’ll probably see something similar on the shop in February! I’m all about trying new things this year…and working on new ways to keep joy in my heart and a smile on my face is definitely one of them!Feeling less than golden? One of the things I try to incorporate when I’m not feeling my best is to make a list of the things I’m thankful for. It could be something as simple as “I’m thankful for this apple,” because everyone doesn’t have food to eat. It puts a perspective on life that allows us to see that even in sorrow or suffering, we are still blessed. On that note, have a very happy Wednesday!


Outfit deets:

Scarf and shirt: H&M


Shoes: Target

Overcoat: Thrifted in Paris

Handbag: Thrifted in Paris