Living My Best Life

Each day, we take part in an established routine; for many of us that includes waking up, going to work for eight hours, maybe an occasional workout, picking up a few kids from school here and there if you have them, and going home, maybe to a husband or some Netflix or reading and dinner, and then sleep hopefully, just to do it all again.

Obviously this is an incredibly simplified version of many people’s lives, but the idea is that we tend to skim through a laundry list of things to do every day, rarely taking the time to simply appreciate moments.

More recently I’ve been reminded just how quickly life can change. People you love can be gone in an instant, and special moments will pass you by without notice. So in a world where life moves so fast, and we have to keep up in order to not be run over, how do we stay in tune and connected to things that matter most?

For me that constitutes not just making time, but making that time a priority. Lately planning ahead has also helped. While I can’t anticipate everything that will happen throughout the day, I can set aside time to accomplish certain things, like spending quality time with my husband, talking to family, or working on my business, or playing the piano again. These are all things that matter to me, and are part of me living my best life.

What helps you prioritize? I want to know! Whatever it is, I hope it brings you happiness and fulfillment.

Here’s to living your best life.

Happy Almost-Friday!