I am ALANAYA(!!), and am a bilingual, DIY-loving fashion designer, blogger, Vlogger and womanpreneur who as a child, watched her mother sew, and was intrigued. As time went on I learned more and more, while developing a love for items I could construct with my own two hands. 

It was not long before I took great pride in the minimal pieces I made, and embarked upon bigger projects, such as garments and outerwear.

I loved accessories, and none more than handbags and clutches. My passion for sewing and my love for all things purse-like met in 2013 when I decided to start a business.

I wanted to create something that was not only exceptional and unique, but cute, classy, and comfortable as well (My three C’s)!

ALANAYA originates as one of my unique names. Equally unique are the products my company offers. More than just your average clutch, each handbag represents a modern take on the norm, and are sold in limited quantities due to the specificity of each design. 

ALANAYA is not just a product for the consumer, but a member of the community as well. Portions of the proceeds are allocated to organizations that fight breast cancer, various diseases, and promote health and wellness.

Finally, if you’ve made it through this entire intro, I commend you and challenge you to like, comment, and subscribe to both my blog and YouTube channel! Much love to you all and thank you for your ongoing support of my dream!